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HTML5 Hacks shows you how to use the latest tools to make your sites and applications more interactive, more functional, and more capable of competing with desktop applications. Each hack shows you how to make a concrete improvement, applying the latest in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS power to common web development issues.

HTLM5 Hacks in English

HTML5 Hacks in English

With 90 detailed hacks, expert web developers Jesse Cravens and Jeff Burtoft demonstrate intriguing uses of HTML5-related technologies. Each recipe provides a clear explanation, screenshots, and complete code examples for specifications that include Canvas, SVG, CSS3, multimedia, data storage, web workers, WebSockets, and geolocation.

You’ll also find hacks for HTML5 markup elements and attributes that will give you a solid foundation for creative recipes that follow. The last chapter walks you through everything you need to know to get your HTML5 app off the ground, from Node.js to deploying your server to the cloud.

Here are just a few of the hacks you’ll find in this book:

  • Make iOS-style card flips with CSS transforms and transitions
  • Replace the background of your video with the Canvas tag
  • Use Canvas to create high-res Retina Display-ready media
  • Make elements on your page user-customizable with editable content
  • Cache media resources locally with the filesystem API
  • Reverse-geocode the location of your web app user
  • Process image data with pixel manipulation in a dedicated web worker
  • Push notifications to the browser with Server-Sent Events

HTLM5 Hacks in Chinese

HTML5 Hacks in Chinese

互联网应用开发专家Jesse Cravens和Jeff Burtoft通过90个详细的例子展示了HTML5相关技术的奇妙之处。书中每个小节都有详细的解释、清晰的截图和完整的代码示例,阐述了Canvas、SVG、CSS3、
多媒体、本地数据存储、web workers、WebSockets等规范。

  • 使用CSS变换和转换来实现iOS样式的翻卡效果
  • 使用Canvas标签为HTML5视频添加背景
  • 使用Canvas标签创建高清晰度、支持视网膜屏幕的图形
  • 通过editable content将页面的每个元素都变得可编辑
  • 用filesystem API在本地缓存多媒体资源
  • 使用反向地理编码API反查用户的位置
  • 在独立web worker中通过像素操作处理图片数据
  • 通过Server-Sent Events向浏览器推送通知

HTLM5 Hacks in Japanese

HTML5 Hacks in Japanese


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